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Solo Training for Wrestlers, with Jessica Finley

Five years ago, I hired Jessica Finley to come teach a medieval wrestling seminar for my School in Finland. It was awesome, and my students all thoroughly enjoyed it, though I think their favourite bit was the way she bashed me on the floor like the Hulk dealing with Loki.

But Jess is nothing like the Hulk. She doesn’t turn green when she’s angry, for a start. 

And she uses skill and speed not raw brute strength.

The effect is much the same though.

Why am I telling you this?

Because she has kindly produced a series of solo wrestling videos for my Solo Course. It turns out that there’s a lot of wrestling practice you can do alone; and yes, conditioning is even more important for any unarmed arts than it is for fighting with weapons.

The new material covers:

  • Introduction and Warm-Up
  • Falling practice- how to do back falls, side falls, forward rolls, backwards rolls, and how to get up off the ground when you’re in armour
  • Mat exercises, like the shrimp, and sit-outs.
  • Footwork exercises
  • And training with a dummy, learning to throw, and practicing setting up throws.

This is great stuff, and I’ve learned a lot just editing the videos. Imagine if I actually practised the content!

This is included in the Solo Course, which you can either buy outright, or subscribe to through the Mastering the Art of Arms package at Swordschool Online.

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