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Another actual blog post

I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.

Firstly, I’m editing video at the moment: the legendary Jessica Finley has provided some footage for a Wrestling module for the Solo Course. This will include an introduction and warm-up; mat exercises (like shrimps and sit-outs); footwork practice; and practicing with a dummy. Existing course members will get access to the material as soon as I’ve edited it together, as it will be included in the course package. You can of course join the course at any time!

I will be off to Australia and New Zealand next month, starting in Melbourne (6th-12th), Adelaide (12-14th), Wellington for the awesome Sword Symposium (15-17th), then Sydney (19th-25th). If you are in the Antipodes, and want to know details about any of the specific seminars, organisers, and so on, please drop me an email.

It’s a good day for Capoferro fans too. Remember the version of Vadi’s treatise formatted as a CBZ file? Well Alex Beaudet has done the same for Capoferro. You can find it here. 

Finally, as you may know I’ve bought a house, and as it turned out, the dead tree at the foot of the garden was actually on our property.

So, lots of money to a tree surgeon and suddenly I have a lifetime’s supply of brown oak.

There's a chap with a sawmill coming round so I can get it in stick. (In stick means sawn into planks and stacked up with little sticks between each plank to allow them to dry). This should be usable in a couple of years, depending on how thick we saw it.

All of this means that the Fiore Translation Project has slown right down, but don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten it…

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