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Rapier dimensions, asymmetric musculature, preparing students for freeplay. Ask the Sword Guy Episode 11

Today's video is a mixed bag of topics, answering the following questions:

How thick were rapier blades?

How wide were rapier blades?

How thick were dagger blades?

How wide were dagger blades?

Thank you,

Brijn, in Colorado


Dear Dr Guy Windsor

I'm sending you pictures of a miniature Spanish sword (a letter opener, made in Toledo).

Do you have any information on this type of swords?

Peter in Venezuela


– Do you experience an asymmetric build up of muscle and/or any asymmetries in posture and movement patterns due to fencing?

– If so, do you do anything to compensate this asymmetry?

– With unexperienced students, what do you do to teach them to stay calm during sparring? How do you teach them to spar in a way that they understand what's going on?

Kind regards, Michael Spring

Here's the video:


This week only discount on the Solo Training Course:

Ken Mondschein’s translation of Agrippa:

Tom Leoni’s translation of Fabris:

The Theory and Practice of Historical Martial Arts:

A Comparison of Late 16th to Early 17th Century Rapiers with Modern Reproductions:

The Rapier, part three: Developing your Skills:

Episode with left handers:

Breathing book:

Lord Baltimore’s Challenge:


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