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Knights, katanas (again!), HMB, and a pattern welded longsword. Ask the Sword Guy episode 12


today's questions are:

Joe Propati's series of questions continue….

  1. Since Knights trained their whole life to become masters of the sword, were there any individuals who stood out as the Grand masters of the sword above everyone else in the world and who were they?
  2. Did Squires and Knights learn sword play by physical lessons alone or did they also learn through manuscript?
  3. Were there instructors during the time period that were Grand masters or individuals that were sought out do to their fame or standing?  Did Knights and Squires traveled to these individuals for special sword training?
  4. How long did it take a Knight to become a master or proficient at the long sword?
  5. Were Knights taught lethal and non-lethal tactics with the sword or just lethal tactics?
  6. If a Knight learned to use a Katana instead of a long sword, how different would the tactics of battle be with two Knights in armor?

Then we have:

What are your thoughts on other historically inspired fighting, eg SCA heavy, rapier, hmb or nvg,

-Nikephoros from lochac

Then Luke from Cyprus asks,

what's the most common situation for a soldier to use a hand and a half sword?

By that I mean, sword and shield was a common deployed combo at one point, but mostly sword were sidearms, right? Would they be carried to war with their spears? If so how?

And a couple of questions regarding my pattern-welded longsword:

What makes your sword with the pattern welded blade cut really well, and can you show some close up images of it?

Thank you,

Brijn, Colorado

And Douglas asks:

I have a question. On your recently published Q&A related to the horse sized duck, you mentioned your pattern welded long sword as being the tool (asides from a light sabre) that you would use. My question is, are pattern welded swords genuinely sharper and more hard wearing than a “normal” modern forged high carbon steel blade? I am looking to buy my first sharp and would like it to be the best and loveliest that I can currently afford / justify and whether to go for a pattern welded blade or not is definitely a factor I am considering.

And finally Robin asks:

1) Obviously you've written and published quite a lot of material on historical martial arts. Have you considered, or *would* you consider, doing something about more fantastic fighting? “A Dungeons and Dragon's Guide to Combat” or something like that? Whether it be purely speculative or aimed at cosplayers/fantasy recreationists/whatever. And yes, this question is inspired by the duck horse question from last time.

2) Do you have a coat of arms, and would you be willing to show it on the video?

3) I didn't realize that you – as you put it – came from an antiques restoration career. Do you still restore old weapons (or old furniture) in your free time?

Here's the video:


Updated: Solo Training Course, only $20 during the Corona crisis

The Unconquered Knight: A Chronicle of the Deeds of Don Pero Niño, Count of Buelna:

Christian Cameron’s the Ill-Made Knight series.

Training with sharps AMA video:

Training with Sharp Swords: article on the CFAA blog:

My craft blog:


I'm sure you have an opinion: do share!

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