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Seminar on Saturday: discover your unknown unknowns

We all have gaps in our knowledge and skills. To a large degree, training in any martial art is a question of discovering what you should be practising next, and then practising it. The key is discovering the gaps and filling them, before a serious opponent discovers them for you.

These gaps can be in your breadth of knowledge (such as, you don't know how to deal with a particular attack), or your skill (you know perfectly well what you should do, but you just can't do it).

Especially for less experienced students, it can be difficult to know what questions to ask, what gaps to cover next, what skills to practice. I have a process for teaching this ability to choose the right gap to my students: it is an essential part of being truly self-directed. This process is essentially theory, and so is easily adapted to online learning. It is primarily a question of spotting gaps in the breadth of your knowledge, and spotting shallowness in the depths, and having criteria for prioritising them.

This class is a short summary of my approach, followed by a more lengthy question and answer session. I’ll run the first session on this topic on Saturday December 5th at 3pm UK time. You can register for it here:

The class will run for 90 minutes, and tickets are £10. Free tickets will also become available tomorrow afternoon. This class is too useful to keep behind a paywall. If you can afford to support the work please do, but if you can't, that's ok, come anyway.

See you there!

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