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Ask me Anything, again!

Well, anything within reason…

I’ll be going live on Reddit this evening at 10pm UK time, which is currently UTC +1, on the “swords” subreddit, here:

(note, not the WMA subreddit that I mentioned in my last email, sorry). I'll be on for an hour, and typing as fast as I can!

The first episode of the podcast has been well received, thanks to everyone who dropped me a line to let me know. Some have questions for my illustrious guest, so I thought we should get together for a chat…

Jess and I are doing an online pub night AMA (or rather, A us A) over Zoom at 10pm UTC+1 (that’s 4pm in Kansas) on Sunday July 12th. This is a ticket-only event, and tickets are strictly limited. There are some at £12 (buy us both a drink), some at £6 (buy us a drink), some at £3 (buy us a cup of tea), and some are free. Please leave the free tickets for people who genuinely can’t afford unnecessary expenses at the moment, or are coming in from a country with a terrible exchange rate.

We will start with hellos, and kick off by answering questions that ticket-holders send in. About 20 minutes in we will split up into breakout rooms for a short while, so you can chat with fellow sword people. Then Jess and I will come back together for more questions.

The event is scheduled for one hour, but it’s very unlikely we’ll stick to that. Once we get going it’s hard to stop!

The event will be recorded (assuming it all works as it should), and attendees will get access to the recording

You can find the event here:

See you there!

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