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What to do if the Corona virus keeps you away from your sword class?

Snapshot from the ‘Stick Conditioning drills' video

Train at home, obviously!

The current situation regarding the corona virus is not unprecedented. Plague has swept various parts of the world regularly since time began. What is new is that we are experiencing this phenomenon with a completely safe and so-far quite reliable way of communicating with each other. I know that many of my Italian friends are stuck in their homes, unable to get out to work, let alone get out to training. The Helsinki branch of my school has suspended classes for the time being. This has never happened before in the 19 year history of the school- indeed, it will be shut on its 19th birthday, March 17th.
I have been wondering what I can do to help my students and friends. Then it struck me that I have an entire online course dedicated to training alone, so if you are stuck at home and want to train anyway, I have a course that will help.
But it’s very expensive- $500, more if you have to pay tax on top. That’s just not affordable to most people, especially those who are currently at risk of losing their jobs because their companies are going out of business.
So I have decided to make the course available for just $20. That’s just enough money that it will make you likely to actually use the course- if it was free, hundreds of people would grab it quick and then never watch the videos or do the training. But it’s at a level where just about anyone who might need it can have it.
If you need it but don’t have twenty dollars, email me and I’ll send you a discount code so you can have it for nothing. No judgement, no questions asked.
If you’re currently sitting comfortably on a pile of cash, then please feel free to pay the regular price, subsidising your less affluent peers. My online courses are my primary income stream, so they literally pay the bills, but this is not a time for making money out of things people need- and I’m pretty sure that a lot of swordspeople need this course right now.

You can find the course here:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the “Corona Special” option.
Feel free to share this offer with everyone in your sword-circles.
And I mean it about giving it away for free if you need it.
I hope this helps.

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