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The Rapier, Part Four: Sword and Dagger, and Sword and Cape Workbook

If you have two hands, and only one of them is holding the sword, you might as well have a second weapon. The most common companion weapon for the rapier is the dagger. Rapier and dagger fencing is fast, complex, and fun. In this workbook you will learn how to quickly develop the knack of parrying with the dagger while striking with the sword, using a series of games. You will then be taught a selection of rapier and dagger sequences from Capoferro’s Gran Simulacro, and develop from these sequences into freeplay.

We also cover the use of the cloak as a secondary weapon, drawing from Capoferro and Alfieri, teaching you how to use the cloak to parry attacks, to weigh down your opponent’s weapon before you attack, and even to blind them prior to running them through.

These workbooks are laid out in right-handed and left-handed versions, we recommend choosing the one that suits you. All technical exercises are shown in the videos for both right-handers and left-handers. You can buy the workbook from our distribution partner Fallen Rook Press:

Right Handed Layout

Left Handed Layout

Pro tip: use the coupon code PART4 to get 25% off!

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