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Progress Report

I'm back from an excellent trip to the USA, to speak at the Hero Round Table conference in Michigan. I'll write up that event properly when they have uploaded my talk to Youtube; the whole thing was live-streamed, so you may have seen it already.

I don't dare watch it.

This weekend I'm dashing off again, to Ireland, to attend the ISHC event near Shannon. The event page is Facebook only, so apologies for my FB-free readers.

I'm cracking on with editing volume 2 of my new Rapier Workbook series. The videos are now all edited, done and dusted, and I'm about to send the text off to the editor.

I ran a poll, as you may recall, to find out what my readers actually want: the choice was: pay extra for good printing and more expensive shipping, pay less for cheaper printing and distribution, or buy the print files. Here's how that worked out:

I'll be very interested to see whether 55% of sales are actually for the print files. There's usually quite a lot of discrepancy between what people *say* they want and what they'll actually buy. (And that's fine, normal, I do it too.)

Volume 1 is available to buy in best-print-damn-the-shipping from here

And if you prefer to print it yourself, you can buy the print files from here.

See you in Ireland?

I'm sure you have an opinion: do share!

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