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Rapier Beginners Workbook is now in print!

Right-handed layout. The QR code works, btw.

I received the print proof of the new rapier workbook, and it looks great. The paper quality is much better than at Lulu (the other printing option), and the printing itself is excellent. I have put in the order for a limited print run, which will be distributed by Fallen Rook Press. That's for the Right-Handed version only; there was a slight issue with the Left-Handed cover file, so that will come about a week later, all being well. You can still pre-order the left-handed version, of course.

For my long-distance readers, what makes most sense to you:

  1. Paying the horrid shipping costs to get the ‘proper' version of the book
  2. Sacrificing some print quality for cheaper distribution (eg through Lulu)
  3. Buying the print files to print at home or locally (so you would be able to order whatever kind of paper, binding etc. that you want).

I've put together a Google form so you can tell me… I'm planning to do 3 anyway, but I need to know whether 2 is worth the extra costs to me (Lulu's margins are terrible, and the lower-quality printing might be disappointing to some readers).

Please share the form with anyone you think might want the workbook!

I'm sure you have an opinion: do share!

3 Responses

  1. I like the lulu idea, but I’d strongly suggest you DON’T do it guy. If the margins are bad for you the author, I’d be very unhappy about purchasing it that way, because you’re not getting the benefits from it you deserve.

  2. 1 and 3 only I think. If the margins are bad for you and the quality compromised there’s really no point to it. The other two options cover the bases very well as is.

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