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Working on the new Rapier Course

This weekend we begin shooting on my brand-new rapier training course. It is intended to cover everything you need to know to get from absolute beginner to competent rapier fencer in the style of Capoferro. We will also look at how to coach, and how to come up with your own interpretations of the source material.

This is not a quick journey, but it is well sign-posted.

The course is organised in seven parts:

Part 1: Introduction

This covers safety, the historical background, warming up, footwork, holding the sword, etc.

Part 2: Fundamentals 

This covers controlling your opponent's sword, parries, and strikes, and the initial actions of plates 7 and 16 from Capoferro.

Part 3: Blade Actions

This covers cuts, beats, disengages, as well as completing plates 7 and 16, and covering plate 10.

Part 4: Completing the Basics

This covers plates 8, 9 and 13, as well as teaching how to add complexity to drills, and start playing with the material.

Part 5: Avoidances

This covers how to get out of the way of the attack, and includes plates 11, 17 and 19, as well as the Rapier Footwork Form.

Part 6: Skill Development

Having covered the entire basic curriculum, this section teaches you how to develop actual fencing skill, in yourself and in others.

Part 7: Rapier and Dagger

Now that you can actually fence respectably with the sword alone, we add the dagger in the other hand. This includes plates 23-26, and 38-40. We also cover rapier and cloak (plates 36 and 37).

You can download a PDF of the current plan and shooting script here:

The Complete Rapier Course Plan

If there is anything you think I've missed, or you have any requests or suggestions, please let me know!

Sound like fun? It will be. I expect to launch the course officially in a month or so, and have an early-bird heavily discounted price of $119 (plus tax in the EU) in place until then.

You can find the course here!

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