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The Theory and Practice of Historical Martial Arts

My latest book encapsulates my entire approach to recreating historical martial arts; 25 years of experience in 350 pages!

With this book you can train your mind and body to become an expert in historical martial arts. It includes the seven principles of mastery, considers the ethics of martial arts, and goes into detail about the process of recreating historical martial arts from written sources.

On the practical side, I explain how to develop your skills, and lay out the path for students to become teachers, covering the basics of safe training, looking after your body, and even starting your own training group and teaching basic classes.

Please note, this is not a training manual for a specific style; it lays the groundwork for becoming expert in any style.

Roland Warzecha of DIMICATOR had this to say about it:

This is a comprehensive guide to the rewarding pursuit of historical martial arts, from choosing a source, study and research of historical manuals to developing and conducting a training program that serves your purpose best. Benefit from the experience of one of the most accomplished experts in the field. A must-read for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

This book has read and edited by over a hundred test-readers, who have made suggestions and corrections, to make the book as useful as possible. So far, the reviews are good:

As a long time solo student of Historical Martial Arts, The Theory and Practice of Historical Martial Arts and Guy's other works have encouraged me to take my training to the next level. The advice in this book has helped me start a small club and provided well grounded advice for developing classes and instruction based on the author's experience. Guy's book also has plenty of advice which has helped me better plan out my personal training and to help me make better use of the original sources. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in HMA, particularly those in need of advice for getting started with planning a training program.
-Cameron Atkinson, Canberra.

It is now available on all platforms, in hardback and ebook formats. The paperback will follow later in the year.

Buy the book from any of these retailers, or you can order it from your local bookshop





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