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Sword bling!

I love seeing sword-themed art being created, and so far this year my eye has already been caught by two fantastic, and quite different, approaches. I'm not affiliated to either, and get no commission from anything you buy. I just like their stuff. What do you think of these?

by SwordGeek's Boutique
By Hema Tees


On the left we have classically beautiful designs from SwordGeek Boutique's range currently raising funds on Indiegogo, and on the right a more ‘metal' design available from HEMA Tees which is a range by Martin Sander of awesome images that come on phone covers, t-shirts, mugs and so on, all at pretty reasonable prices.

You can find his work here:

SwordGeek's Boutique is by clothier, fashion maven, and long-time producer of excellent historical garb Nicole Allen.

She is producing everything from wall-hangings to waistcoats, in glorious sword-themed fabrics.


Wall hanging with the Fiore segno










Sadly, most of the time I dress like a hobo, so I can't quite justify buying one of those waistcoats, but if you're the sort of person who has to wear a tie to work, why not this one?

Fiore-themed tie








So there you have it: two ways to get more swords into your life, even in places where they don't normally go. Needless to say, both of these artists could use your support, so go! be a generous Medici to their transcendent Michaelangelos.

I'm sure you have an opinion: do share!

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