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Historical Sword Documentation Project

The Oakeshott Institute looks after legendary sword collector and author Ewart Oakeshott's extraordinary collection of swords.
They have launched their Historical Sword Documentation Project which will provide detailed 3D models of genuine historical weaponry. Starting with the items in their care they will catalog these pieces and provide contextual materials. This will allow scholars and enthusiasts to experience these items in ways that have not been possible in the past, even with the item in hand.
If you're not excited about this, I have to wonder why you're reading my blog.
In short, they will be measuring swords and pieces of armour, and making 3D models (you can see an example here).
Craig Johnson measuring a helm
This is the same team behind Arms and Armor, who made my favourite training rapier, training longsword, sharp rapier, smallsword… need I go on? One of the things I love about their work is that it comes from detailed measurements and latex casts of original weapons. This current project is an extension of that attention to historical detail.
This is a very exciting addition to the scholarship of arms and armour, one that provides new insight and a great opportunity to learn about swords and armour… and you can help! They have a Patreon page, where you can support their work with a little (or a lot!) of your hard-earned cash. Go check it out:

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