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Win free copies of my NEW BOOK!

The crowdfunding campaign for my next book, Advanced Longsword, Form and Function is now live!
Would you like to win free copies of the book, or commission an instalment of The Swordsman’s Quick Guide? For this campaign, which will only run for 30 days, I am running a competition for referrals. There are two categories: eyeballs and sales.


Whoever sends the most people to see the campaign will get two free copies of the book in hardback, sent wherever you want.


The person whose referrals generate the highest sales will also get two hardbacks, and can commission an instalment of The Swordsman’s Quick Guide, on any topic you like. I will write the booklet for you and publish it (at my discretion; if your request is vastly off-topic I might choose to simply send you the finished booklet for you to do with what you like).

If the same person wins both categories, I'll add a runner-up prize; whoever comes second in the sales category gets a free hardback, signed and sent wherever you like.

How do you take part? 

You need to log in to Indiegogo, which generates your own specific url for the campaign, which will look like where the last set of numbers is your unique identifier. Then share this link as best you can, and Indiegogo will track the link for you.

And here is the campaign link again.

Thank you very much for your support.

I'm sure you have an opinion: do share!

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