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Longsword Mechanics seminar, November 22nd 7pm UK time

Do you want to learn precise control over the sword, for enhanced speed, power, and the ability to deceive the opponent?

In this seminar we will cover some basic handling drills, then move on to the specifics of shortening the path the sword must take. Beginners require a long movement to generate speed and power, experts accomplish the same action in a much shorter path, which of course takes less time.
These skills apply to any weapon, but we will focus on the longsword, with applications from both Fiore and Liechtenauer.
The seminar will run from 7pm to 8.30pm UK time, and there will be time for questions etc built into the schedule.

I highly recommend watching the general mechanics seminar recording first:

This seminar will take the concepts taught in the general mechanics seminar for granted, so please do watch it first.
The seminar Zoom meeting will start about 10 minutes beforehand. The class itself will start on time at 7pm, and end on time at 8.30, but I'll stay online to take questions and hang out for a while afterwards.

Please note that the time is 7pm UK, which is (for example) 5 hours ahead of EST.

You will need:

  • As much space to move in as you can reasonably manage.
  • A longsword or longsword simulator.
  • A practice partner is optional, but helpful.
  • Common sense, and a commitment to safe practice.

Reserve your place at

Tickets cost £10. Free tickets will become available on Thursday 19th. Lack of cash should not prevent anyone from learning.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think may want to improve their longsword skills.

I'm sure you have an opinion: do share!

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