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Facebook bye-bye

I just deactivated my Facebook account. I did a bit of behind-the-scenes jiu-jitsu to keep my Author Page active, and the Messenger app functioning as before. But it's now impossible for me to fall down the rabbit-hole without first clearing away a whole load of brambles.
In a couple of months I'll probably delete it altogether: it's only Messenger that's keeping me from doing that right now.
I have been inspired by the examples of both Jessica Finley and Roland Warzecha, who have active FB pages but don't use personal FB accounts at all. I've also read Jaron Lanier's excellent and provocative 10 Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now, which I thoroughly recommend.
The point of this is simply to remove a distraction. I find the scroll-scroll-click simultaneously frustrating and addictive, and it does my patience and well-being no good at all.
My friends and fans, and yes my detractors too, will have no difficulty finding me: my email address is right there on the page. And whenever I want to post something, I can do it on my blog (which I own and control).
This should help me get on with the things that matter: reading, writing, training, teaching, and spending time with real people in real time.
Of the 2200 “friends” on Facebook: 70% of them are sword people I've never met. Another 20% are sword people I actually know, but aren't exactly friends- we only have swords in common; I don't know anything else about them except they like swords.
Another 10% are actual friends, who are very welcome to message, call, or visit, and have all the necessary information to do so.
This is not a criticism of you or your social media habits. This is just me letting you all know that if you want to find me, look here, not there. You'll probably find me reading a book! Or writing one.

I'm sure you have an opinion: do share!

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  1. Knowing you, I would guess you have thought this through carefully. I share your irritation that FB manages to trap me into wasting time. And I’m seriously concerned about the influence of social media on UK politics.

    So I’ll be interested to hear – after a while – how it’s working for you: how about a follow-up post in the New Year?

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