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Good news for Fiore fans: Longsword Mechanics is ready!

The Fiore Translation Project is growing apace; I'm almost through the zogho largo section already. I compiled the translation, transcription, commentary and video clips for the Sword in One Hand plays into a pdf some time ago: you can get it free as a PDF by subscribing to my mailing list below this post. But I have also released it in Kindle and Epub formats on my Gumroad shop, and on Amazon.

Part two comprises the footwork, ways to hold the sword, blows of the sword, and the guards, and I have compiled and edited those posts into a 116 page book, Longsword Mechanics. You can get the print PDF (for printing at home),  epub and Kindle formats as a bundle from here:

Longsword Mechanics on Gumroad

It is also available to pre-order from Amazon, though you only get the kindle file from them.

Yes, you can get pretty much all of the information in the book from the posts on this blog, and you're welcome to do so. But wouldn't it be so much more convenient to have them all together in a format that works on your e-reader of choice, or all nicely printed out?

This work depends entirely on support of people like you- the few, the elect, the elite who understand that Fiore's art of arms is the quintessence of martial awesome, and find my work a useful adjunct to his. By buying this book, you make the next one possible. Carry on!

I'm sure you have an opinion: do share!

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