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50% off the Longsword, Dagger, and Footwork course bundle!

There’s more to medieval combat than just longsword. Yes, the sword is the big cool shiny thing that everyone seems to love best, but you’ll do much better with the sword if you also have decent footwork and dagger skills.

To help with this I have bundled together my Footwork, Dagger, and Longsword courses into one happy bundle.

Bought separately, the courses would cost $710.

The Fiore Bundle is only $499

And because it’s summer and I’m in a good mood, for the next week only you can have the bundle at a further 50% discount. After that, this special offer will no longer be available. So that’s $249 for the whole lot.

You can see the course here.

If you prefer to pay in instalments, use this link.

If you have been wanting to learn Fiore’s art of arms, then go ahead and take a look at this bundle. It has many hours of video instruction, and the previous batches of students are already posting videos of themselves doing drills online!

Riri in Indonesia said: ““As someone who never had martial arts training I found the videos very useful. The instructions are very detailed and help me a lot in understanding body mechanics. Most importantly, you cover all the basics that a beginner needs to know, and that's very important.”

Gindi Wauchope, a professional HEMA instructor in Australia said: “a dagger technique that took me an hour to puzzle out on my own was right there in about 50 seconds of video”

The Footwork course includes

  • Safely warming up
  • Developing the necessary range of motion
  • Developing the necessary strength
  • Understanding body mechanics, and applying them correctly
  • How to step, lunge, pass and turn
  • How to control measure
  • Solo exercises
  • Pair exercises
  • Specific separate modules for Longsword and Rapier footwork
  • Addressing common problems and solving them

I have designed the course so that you can do most of it alone, in a small space, with no special equipment, so you can practice anywhere, any time. You will just need a stick (about 70-120cm, 28- 45 inches or so; an umbrella would do) and a belt for some of the stretching exercises. There are some pair exercises too… what’s going on here?

The Dagger course includes:

  • Warming up (in case you skipped over the Footwork course!)
  • Equipment
  • Basic footwork and falling practice
  • Dagger handling skills
  • Basic attacks in four lines
  • The Nine Masters of the dagger
  • The Five Things you need to know
  • Basic defences against attacks in all four lines
  • Countering the defences
  • Sensitivity drills
  • Dagger against Dagger techniques

For this course you will need a training partner (so feel free to share your course videos with them), a couple of dagger simulators, and a fencing mask each.

It also includes things like this:

The Longsword course includes:

  • A very gentle introduction to warming up (because people do skip the Footwork course, even though they shouldn’t)
  • Sword handling drills,
  • Basic striking
  • Basic defences,
  • Counter-remedies (how the attacker can counter the defences)
  • More advanced striking
  • Building up complex drills
  • All 54 of Fiore's longsword plays out of armour
  • Freeplay
  • Advanced training.

To begin with, all you need is a longsword simulator, a fencing mask, and a friend to practice with (after the second class). You are welcome to share your course enrolment with at least one friend, or even your whole club (if you have one). After the first two sections you will need to be working with a partner, so it's best that you bring your friends along from the beginning.

All of these courses come with a 30 days 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you buy it, and then change your mind, you get all your money back.

You can see the course here.

If you prefer to pay in instalments, use this link.

Sound like fun? It is. See you there.

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