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44 Magnum!


At work on a 15′ dining table at Patrick Baxter Furniture, 18 years ago…

It's my birthday today (November 30th, same as Sir Winston Churchill), and I thought it might be fun to spread the love a bit. I'll be turning 44 (so, nearly a grown-up) and I've set up a discount code that you can use for any and every product I have online; courses on Longsword, Dagger, Footwork, even how to Recreate Historical Swordsmanship from Historical Sources; ebooks such as Swordfighting, The Medieval Longsword, Advanced Longsword, and so on.

The magic code will give you 44% off anything and everything: GUYS44THBIRTHDAY

Just copy and paste it into the discount field on checkout. You can use it multiple times, but the code will expire tomorrow, so go nuts!


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