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The King and Queen of Awesomesauce

I am resistant to change in the English language. I dislike the use of ‘reference' as a verb. Refer to something, don't reference it. And as for the astonishingly lazy and stupid “I could care less” when the speaker means “I couldn't care less”, well, that makes me quite cross.

But every now and then a new word comes along that is the only fit and proper way to describe something. And that word, today, is “awesomesauce”.

When I visited Seattle in March this year, I saw one of my young students in an armour hoodie. Really, a hoodie that looks like armour, with pauldrons and everything. I admired it vocally, and the lad's father Matthew heard me, told me that his wife had made it, and asked me if I'd like one. Hell yes! I replied. And so, on my last trip over, there it was, hand crafted by the astonishingly kind and skillful Ren Roche.

What the well-dressed swordsman about town is wearing this season.

I wear it to the delight of my younger daughter and the despair of my elder; it's perfect on planes and playgrounds alike. And it's armour. Awesomesauce is the only word that captures all that.

That by itself justifies the neologism, but as if it wasn't enough, look what arrived from America the other day:

You may recall from my trip to Edinburgh that I'm something of a cinquedea nut. I just love them. And Brian Kerce, in Florida, got wind of this and just upped and made me one. It's breathtaking. The blade is canarywood, fullered with 4,3,2 and 1 as you go up the blade; the crossguard is wenge, the handle is maple inlaid with leopard wood. Most importantly, it doesn't just look gorgeous, it fits my hand to perfection. You can find some of his other work on Etsy.

Again, the only word I can think of that conveys amazement, delight, and a touch of awe, is AWESOMESAUCE.

And I hereby declare Brian and Ren the King and Queen of Awesomesauce!

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