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Awesome sword art

A tiny, low-res version of Jussi's Messer poster.

Jussi Alarauhio is the graphics genius behind the art for Audatia the medieval combat card game I developed a few years ago. A while back he sent me the poster you see above, which he made for a HEMA club practising (you guessed it) Lechkuchner's messer combat style. It is way too cool not to share, and while the image above had to be reduced dramatically in size for the purposes of putting it on this blog post, you can download a pdf of it here: LechkuchnerMesserPosterLR

If your taste runs to more 3D stuff, have a look at this:

It would be simply wrong of me not to mention that Jussi is available to produce commissions for you, and I can recommend him both in terms of the art he produces (judge for yourself), and as regards his reliability and (in my view unreasonably low) costs. You can contact him through his website, here where there is even more cool art. Enjoy!

Please note, I'm on holiday in Finland at the moment, so will be slower than usual in replying to pretty much anything.

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