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Video links broken, but being fixed…


ALL FIXED NOW. PrettyLink support staff went into the back-end of my site and got it done within a few hours of the problem being brought to my attention.]

Both my Rapier Workbook series and my Fiore Translation Project series depend on a system called PrettyLinks, where links in the text of the books direct through this website, and are redirected to the target video (or anywhere else). This means that I can update the video, and redirect the link, without having to change the book.


But while I was away on holiday, something happened and literally the entire list of pretty links, over 300 of them, disappeared from the site and stopped working. I have no idea what happened, but I have enlisted tech support, and even, ironically, upgraded to the ‘pro' version of the plugin to get access to their customer support.

Yes, I have backups. Yes, if necessary, I can recreate the entire fucking list by hand.

But we're currently working on other solutions…

The irony of giving the company money when their product has just trashed my publishing output for the last year is not lost on me. [see update though- money well spent]

Technology is awesome, isn't it?

I'm sure you have an opinion: do share!

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