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Italiano non sprekky molto bweno.

I am learning modern Italian. It's about time too I hear you cry. And rightly so.

So I have changed the name of this blog from Ragion de Spada, which is how Vadi spelled it in his 1480s manuscript, to Ragion della Spada, which is still odd usage to the modern eye, but there is only so much violence  I can do to Vadi before I'd cry. Violence with Vadi, now that doesn't make me cry at all…

I am about to go down to Australia to swing swords about, so I hope to see my Antipodean readers down there; I have a post that will go up automatically while I'm down there, but I'll probably be quiet after that until I get back.

No need to heave that sigh of relief quite so loudly.

Ciao bambini!




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